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Nail care

Here at Gemini Hair and Beauty we offer all kinds of beauty treatments that are carried out by professional beauticians. We offer male and female grooming including waxing hair removal, facials, massages, facial line softening, chemical face peels, eyebrow/eyelash tinting and NovaLash eyelash extensions. Our salon also offers Moroccan Tan spray tanning products for sale. Additionally, we have a stand up tanning booth and a lay down tanning bed for maintaining your holiday tan or readying your skin for the holiday sun.

Our beauty salon

A beauty salon dedicated to you

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Our welcoming beauticians carry out bridal and wedding makeup, including trial runs and a mobile service if required. We also offer camouflage makeup which is able to cover up tattoos and scars. Additionally, we can offer semi-permanent make up for areas such as the lips and eyebrows. This involves tattooing using mineral based pigments.


Our salon has a beautician who is a consultant for the Cambridge diet and can help you slim in a controlled way.

We have gift vouchers and beauty packages available for holidays, mums to be, top to toe treats and more, so why not treat yourself or a friend to a relaxing beauty treatment?

Nail art

Body piercing

With Gemini Hair and Beauty you can be sure of a safe and hygienic body piercing.

All of our piercing is done using titanium to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. We use piercing guns for ear lobe piercing, but every other piercing is done with needles to avoid the risk of damage, e.g. collapsed cartilage.

Our salon is a registered member of the Health Authority and all of our piercings are performed with sterilised, pre-packaged needles which are used once before being safely disposed of.


Customer's must be over the age of 16. Customer's under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent, proof of I.D will be required, passport and driving licence can be used as proof of I.D.

  • Ear piercing and body piercing

  • Labret piercing

  • Navel piercing - belly bars

  • Eyebrow piercing

  • Tragus piercing

  • Cartilage piercing

  • Nose piercing

  • Dermal anchors

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Body piercing courses are also available at Gemini Hair and Beauty (price on application)